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how many launchpads did u order?

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i notice a lot of members here got more than one launchpad.


am i the only one that ordered just one kit?


i ordered another 2 kits late august w/ estimated shipping date on late October, it's now mid November and they are still not yet shipped. :(


how many launchpads did u order, initially when it was launched (and did u re-order more) ?

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I ordered from newark http://www.newark.com/


it's OOS w/ 58 days lead time. how come now the resellers also ran out of kits. is it that popular?


i've been checking daily on my ti estore order and it's the same status.


i was tempted to order a few initially (being such a bargain), but i was a bit skeptical on the performance and i thought i don't need so many programmers.


may be i should get some chips instead but it's hard to justify, having to pay $12 shipment for a few dollars worth of parts.

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i can send you one of my launchpads

thanks for your offer. i am just grumbling, i am sure i will be getting the order soon. i had the 2 extra sample G2231s (and 2 dip size F2013s) chips to play w/, for now. also i am using nokia phone cables to do uart, that frees up my single launchpad to do just flash programming.

but it's nice to see my projects on breadboard shield sitting securely on a launchpad.

wonder how ti does business, paying order takes 3 months, free samples takes 2 days.


p.s. :D well, may be i am getting one from doc this month. if no one else enters the contest.

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lol the offer will be open if you change your mind

hopefully i will be able to get my project done before the end of the month so i can join the contest.




i know the pain, when i first ordered them i was pissed that i would have to wait till sep or oct for the first 2 orders i put in. but i was lucky to find newark

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I currently have 4 in my possession, and I'm waiting on another 3. I blame impulse buying. :P I don't really need that many, but I'll probably end up embedding them in something.

I'm in the same boat as gatesphere. I ordered three when they first came out (got in early, so I got them quickly). I ordered another three when I ordered the free EZ430 kit (I figured I'd just throw them in since shipping didn't change...). When the new e-store came on line, I was able to order another (free) EZ430 kit, and I tossed in another three LaunchPads since I wasn't sure if my previous backorder had disappeared. ...Impulse buying ;) .


I have received six LaunchPads (not in order of dates I ordered them , oddly) and one EZ430 kit so far. I gave one LaunchPad to a friend, and promised one as POM prize, so that leaves me four to mess with for now (one will be embedded in my Meter Monitor project). Still backordered: three LaunchPads, one EZ430 kit. :)


I'll open up the same offer as jsolarski: If anyone really needs a LaunchPad, let me know.

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I initially ordered one in July via the phone (the eStore was completely broken at that time). Then in late September I saw the renewed eStore site and just out of curiosity added a Launchpad, completed the checkout and ... received the packet from FedEx the next week :) A week later a guy from TI sales phoned to check payment details for the phone order but I imagined it can take forever to complete so I just politely cancelled that order. And here I am with my one and only Launchpad now!

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