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USB MIDI adapter

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This one has been on my list for a long time now. Unfortunately, I have so many other things on my plate I have decided to put it on hold for now. Also, there are so many cheap adapters available now that this project would be done as an exercise.


In any case, I figured I will create this post so maybe we can turn this into a group effort and use it as a learning opportunity.

My initial goal was to use MSP430F5510 MCU, SN74LVC1G34 buffer for MIDI out, and HCPL0701 opto for MIDI in.

The board should be tiny, with male USB plug and a MIDI cable or with Mini-B USB and 2 MIDI connectors.


Anyone interested?

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I think I am done with the layout.

To make this board more versatile, port P1 is connected to the header, so instead of USB->MIDI, this board could also be used as logic analyzer or USB->Power Board/Relays, etc.

There is a programming header, BSL header, 3 LEDs (one USB power and two general use,) opto isolator and buffer for MIDI In and Out.

The two drill holes on the left can be used for wire tie, in case wires are soldered directly to the board.



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