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74HCT family, such as 74HCT244 and 74HCT125 can be used to convert 3V logic to 5V logic. They have TTL thresholds that are compatible with 3V logic even when running from 5V.   74AHC family such at

Yeah! Got mine working too - including the graphic library. I'm using a 12v wall wart, but it's a cheap one and appears to be putting out about 14v. The screen looks best @ 13v on a 5v supply - sam

For power boost, I was thinking of using something like MC33063A, pretty cheap and common DC/DC. There are several online and app calculators available, like this one.   The code is from few posts b

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FYI - found this on DealExtreme the other day. Not so sure about the price, but the loose ends make it ideal for rearranging pins.



10 more cables, look like better quality, shorter, but separate:



Thanks for getting me to look on DE! These are MUCH cheaper than the ones I WAS going to order, and probably just fine for what I do. :thumbup:

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