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$4.30 LCD Booster - Sold Out

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Store Link : The $4.30 LCD BoosterPack - Limited Edition   So I've been working on this for a little while now... I'll get a prototype of the mounting spacer from the CNC shop around the 9th... I ha

And a little later... they are all done. Please post if you find something inside one hahaha I'll have these nicely packaged up tomorrow and in the mail to bluehash Friday!! Man, I feel like I acco

Got the ship notice on the 100 boards today. First 8 (remainder of the 10 final proto order) assembled and done.  

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I got my two in the post there.

Haven't had much time with them, just soldered on some headers and ran RobG's example code on it.

Have to say I am very impressed with display.


Just wanted to say thanks to SugarAddict and Bluehash :D


Hopefully I'll get some time with it next week.


Oh and if anyone's keeping count, to my surprise there was a $1 bill tucked away inside :) Thanks again!

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Got my LCD Boosters a few days ago. thanks for the 'SugarAddict 4ever' note :)

Soldering the headers right now to get it working !


Thanks SugarAddict !!


BTW, I had suggested a GPS group buy and got a few folks interested. Please let me know your thoughts / comments about doing a similar 43oh store limited sell. I can help get in an order of 10 from my local hackerspace to get started


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Got my lcds and they are killer! Also got the "smile it improves face time note"


Eh? don't tell me my brain got ahead of itself again... it should've read, "Smile it increases face value"?... Sometimes I write things and write them all wrong because I think one thing when trying to write another... lol

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