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$4.30 LCD Booster - Sold Out

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Store Link : The $4.30 LCD BoosterPack - Limited Edition   So I've been working on this for a little while now... I'll get a prototype of the mounting spacer from the CNC shop around the 9th... I ha

And a little later... they are all done. Please post if you find something inside one hahaha I'll have these nicely packaged up tomorrow and in the mail to bluehash Friday!! Man, I feel like I acco

Got the ship notice on the 100 boards today. First 8 (remainder of the 10 final proto order) assembled and done.  

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Got mine today, too! These are, indeed, gorgeous. No special note from SA for me, but I think the boards are special enough. :D


I was surprised that the LCD is not secured to the plastic support. I think I'm going to glue or double-side tape the LCD down before I break it. :oops: Maybe I'll add a little non-conductive treasure to the little compartment under the LCD first. ;)


Well done, SA! Thanks for hosting them in the store BH!

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Before you secure it, make sure you put a piece of reflective plastic/paper inside. That way, your LCD will be brighter.

Oooh! RobG has the perfect little surprise to tuck in the secret compartment! :D


Thanks Rob! I'll definitely do that. :thumbup:


Hmmm... This anti-static wrapping looks pretty shiny... :think:

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You know, HASL is pretty reflective... Perhaps you could unmask parts of the soldermask in the next batch to make a free reflector... :think:

Wouldn't it tarnish (oxidize) quickly, becoming dull?


The copper would, but HASL wont.

Cool. Good idea. :thumbup:

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Be extremely careful with the connector on the display! When the glass flops around, it puts a lot of strain on this connector. I broke it earlier and the trace powering the LEDs was severed. I managed to repair this with a bus wire between an LED and the resistor on the board.


Unfortunately, as I was trying to photograph my awesome repair job, I dropped the camera and managed to break about 3 more traces attaching to the connector. That display is hosed. My other one works great! Fantastic manufacturing quality on the board and the milled spacer! (the problem mentioned above relates only to the connector, and not SugarAddict's fine craftsmanship.) I would suggest you secure the display to the spacer with tape or glue or something. In other news, I have a spare spacer/board if anyone has any ideas.




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Yeah, I've resoldered some of the traces, it's 50/50 if you melt the paper or get a decent solder joint... I did say to be careful with the connectors, they're not the greatest :-\ But for the price, it's not a bad LCD! I only had 1 bad LCd out of the 105 I bought... I ruined like 6 doing fitting/testing from the removal/insertion/etc.

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