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$4.30 LCD Booster - Sold Out

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It is in the store now. I'd like to request everyone to order two units maximum. This should give everyone a chance to get a piece. SugarAddict as greatly subsidized this board, so a big thank you to him from 43oh.

Store Link

WOO HOO! I'm order #100 in the store :wave:

(I'm picturing virtual confetti and congratulations banners)

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Store Link : The $4.30 LCD BoosterPack - Limited Edition   So I've been working on this for a little while now... I'll get a prototype of the mounting spacer from the CNC shop around the 9th... I ha

And a little later... they are all done. Please post if you find something inside one hahaha I'll have these nicely packaged up tomorrow and in the mail to bluehash Friday!! Man, I feel like I acco

Got the ship notice on the 100 boards today. First 8 (remainder of the 10 final proto order) assembled and done.  

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So far, everyone has been following etiquette by ordering a max of 2. Thanks guys.

Also, International members, let me know your country so I can add to the list. The flat rate is $6. You can add a few connectors or bare PCBs if you want. I can put only one flat rate for all other countries, so apologies for that. This board is being sold low with SA giving a big discount and 43oh adding all packaging(just the yellow envelope + supplies), so if you can order a few bare boards which you think you might need, just go ahead. BTW, Rob's protopad PCBs are a big hit.

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