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$4.30 LCD Booster - Sold Out

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Store Link : The $4.30 LCD BoosterPack - Limited Edition   So I've been working on this for a little while now... I'll get a prototype of the mounting spacer from the CNC shop around the 9th... I ha

And a little later... they are all done. Please post if you find something inside one hahaha I'll have these nicely packaged up tomorrow and in the mail to bluehash Friday!! Man, I feel like I acco

Got the ship notice on the 100 boards today. First 8 (remainder of the 10 final proto order) assembled and done.  

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So everyone knows whats up... I'm in the middle of buying a house (praying it all goes well and closes on time!) and it's totally going to interrupt my hobby life. I'm still trying to make sure these LCD's stay on a fair schedule (I would say ~2 months from now they will be done... but don't hold me to it.) I've gotten a 10 batch of what would be my production pcb's but found a small problem with them vs the last batch that I've gotta fix. So I'm going to endup with one more 10 batch (I don't want to order 100 pcb's and have them have a problem...) of the fix/modification and make a few minor tweaks (I really don't like that solder jumper part out of sparkfun's lib... will use a modified 0805 pad instead)... and given that China is still on holiday... I'm looking at 20-30 days till I get the next 10 batch of "possibly production" and then order the 100 batch. Guess that means I have to figure out how I'm going to setup my workbench at the new digs since I'll be moving when the 10 batch will likely show up, lol.


Sorry it's all taking so long. They will be in the 43oh Store when I'm done and send them off to bluehash. So if anyone else is making some boosters... you got about 2 months to get some into the store so people can save on shipping when they buy all these cool things I keep see'ing in the forums :thumbup: :clap: :lol: 8-)

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Ok... so I got the final batch of test pcb's and soldered one up... appears to be working just fine. I'm gonna order the 100 tomorrow probably. Red or blue? Maybe yellow? lol So.. 2-3 weeks for those to show up, 1-2 weeks for me to get them all soldered, assembled, and mailed to bluehash. Then they'll show up in the store. Sorry for all the delays, been a crazy last couple months! But I'm loving the new house :)

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kinda sorta... We're still working on stuff. The room I put the workbench in doesn't have electrical outlets on 3 walls so we're going to upgrade the breaker box and put in a few more circuits around the house... Lot of work to do on this place, just a matter of $$$ and time :)

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