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$4.30 LCD Booster - Sold Out

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[20:38:52] <Rickta59> "Finally opened my LCD and found a dollar. Thanks SA. Now I need to finally get around to building my controller. Thanks for the great job and the cheap price." -- pkonzak

[20:39:03] <Rickta59> when did you make those lcd screens SugarAddict ?

[20:39:15] <Rickta59> that has to be like 2 years ago no?

[20:39:22] <SugarAddict> yes

[20:39:43] <SugarAddict> Feels like forever ago

[20:39:44] <SugarAddict> lol

[20:39:48] <Rickta59> it does

[20:40:00] <Rickta59> and I thought I was a procrastinator : )

[20:40:09] <SugarAddict> ?

[20:40:17] <SugarAddict> ohhh

[20:40:20] <SugarAddict> had to look up

[20:40:33] <Rickta59> i was quoting the guy on the forum

[20:40:35] <SugarAddict> haha, 2 years later and a dollar found

[20:40:38] <Rickta59> he just opened up your lcd

[20:40:40] <Rickta59> and found the dollar

[20:40:42] <Rickta59> yeah

[20:41:07] <SugarAddict> I thought that was a pretty cool way to give people a random discount :)

[20:41:27] <Rickta59> it was, we miss your Daddy Warbucks spirit


Shocking... but cool.  I should make something again... Maybe in a few months I'll figure something out to do... Come home burned out and don't want to do anything but zone out.

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Hi, is it possible to share the Eagle layout files for this project ? I have a few Nokia 7110 LCDs laying around and I'd like to have a few of those PCBs built.


Thanks !

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