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The HD44780 LCD screen doesn't display anything anymore(it used to before).


The only thing that happened was that once, I tried to connect a desktop power supply (5v) to the LCD and I must've connected it incorrectly since the wire connecting the breadboard to ground was fried. like burnt...but nothing else was burnt really.


After that, only the first half of the LCD would display anything. The second half of the 16x2 couldn't display anything--so it was basically an 8x2 after that.


Then, after a couple of uses, it stopped displaying. Completely.


After it stopped displaying, I also took apart the LCD case once...and tried to align the little pink floppy headers with the actual LCD screen again. I'm not sure if it works or not, but just by poking a VCC pin to holes on the underside of the LCM gives me little lines on the screen


Fixes anyone?

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