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Programming MSP430F5171 / MSP4305xxx with Launchpad

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Hey, after getting my "wrecked" pcb's without soldermask i soldered a MSP430F5171 to the breakout and connected RST, TEST, VCC and GND to the appropriate pins of the device (Dvio, Dvcc, 2x Dvss, RST and TEST) for SBW-Programming. Datasheet says it supports SBW.


But i cant program it with IAR and/or CCS5.


Already checked the traces (no shortcuts, all have contact to the pins on the other side).


Checked the voltages - ~3.5V between RST+TEST and Dvss+Dvcc.


Also tried to directly connect it to the Emulator-part of the Launchpad, then tried to connect only GND+TEST+RST.


Nothing seems to work - Did i forget something or may the chip be bricked?

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I think i burned the chip while soldering it :oops:


I tried it again with a MSP430F5172 and it worked fine with CCS5. With IAR i cannot debug - don't know why - maybe the limitations of the Kickstart-Edition ;)


I have some other chips here and will try it with them and report if it works ;)


edit: another test - after reboot and unplugging the usb-cable it also works with IAR ;)

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There's a limit on how much current the Launchpad can supply, since it's powering so much (TUSB3410, its crystal, the FET emulator, the LEDs, etc...). Have you tried self-powering the MSP430F5 chip? Some models have an integrated 3.3V LDO so you can hook it up to a 5V source and direct the output to the chip DVCC.

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