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New contest idea

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There's a lot of pcbs getting designed here and that's a good thing.


After looking at all these pcbs, it gives me an idea.


I think we should start some sort of contest to see how much circuit we could design into a pcb.


We could have multiple categories based on board size:

1. 50mm x 50mm

2. 100mm x 50mm

3. 100mm x 100mm


These sizes match the pcb house offerings.


Of course, it has to have an msp430 in it.


If you wanted to make boards that stack up then I could envision the motherboard would be the 100mm x 100mm and the daughterboard would be the 50mm x 50mm.


First prize could be getting your board made by one of those houses. I'd like to see the 43oh online store make the pcbs available as well.


Is this an attractive idea?

Thoughts, suggestions or reactions?

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I would be interested if the rules where somewhat different than the monthly contest. For example...


50 x 50 mm max size - This is a low cost format - it is practical to order a set of 10 boards for personal use. Allowing larger boards would offer less distinction from the monthly contest.


Entry could be board design only. Does not have to be built up, or a complete project.


Multiple entries per person allowed. An entry could also be in monthly contest if built up into a complete project with code and such.


Must use MSP430 -or- work with a MPS430 product like Launchpad, Fraunchpad, etc...


Emphasis on utility (usefulness) - not "how much crap can be crammed on to a tiny board."


Sponsorship (prizes) from a PCB mfg (Seeed, iTead, Olimex, ...) would be cool. The winning entry(s) would get their board design made for free.

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