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DIY Mini Launchpad

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Looking at all these pcbs gives me an idea. I think we should start in informal contest to see how much circuit we could design into a 50mmx50mm pcb.


Thoughts or reactions?

I like this idea. Considering Seeed/ITead have their cheap services that go upto a size of 5x5cm there is a plus to cramming everything in.


This project seems great and all, but if the price is going to be higher than a normal launchpad? why not just buy a launchpad and cut off/ignore the built in debug stuff. Or if you don't need the buttons, go with some of these. http://www.ti.com/tool/ez430-t2012 You'll just have to solder a connector onto your LP to program them.


Now if it was single sided and could be made at home....(Opens up CAD) :lol:

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