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American Design style contest STM32

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Received an e-mail today:


Thank you for participating in our STM32 Design Challenge. Your conceptual design has been accepted to receive your free STM32 Discovery Kit...

Looks like I may actually have to learn this thing! :lol:


I've got a small head start on learning; I have played with their STM-8S Discovery board, which was once the cheapest hobby development board (about US $7, I bought two :) ). Interesting board with a "snap-off" USB FPM. The board has a surface-mount processor, so you'd have to integrate it into anything you made. Lots of pins, none of which are marked on the board (frustrating). The free IDE requires registration from the computer it will be used on! (Figured that out when I tried to load on another machine. :evil: ) Might use them for some one-off projects some day.

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