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Up for sale 3D LED Cube Kits, they go for $59.99 shipped, this is for the kit completly dissasembled, can put the SMD on for an extra $10 (or you can try your toaster oven :) ), these are kits without LEDs, you can buy those off ebay ~$20-30 range for 1K pcs. that is the only thing you'll need to assemble this kit


It comes with Firmare for MSP430 (released,stable) and Arduiono (beta)



PM me if you're interested,


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Hello mtlevine, we are not shipping RGB kits yet, since we are still working on the firmware and the daughter card and revup the main board, and these do not use neither Lauchpad nor Arduino,


Yep we sold out on eBay over this weekend amazingly 80-90% of our bussiness is overseas, and we have a backorder on power supplies, the price here in the forum is cheaper since we are not paying all the fees to ebay etc. perhaps you might want to start with a single color kit, as zeke pointed the text on the digram had a typo but the figures inside are correct,


We have single color kits available, the kits come without LEDs, we were giving free LEDs while they lasted, we bought 100K for a discounted price. but they're gone. i might be able to dig one bag out but they are not the brightest... PM me if you're interested, how good are you with the soldering iron?




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