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$50 Amazon - What to buy?

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Hey all,


I just got a $50 gift card to Amazon for Christmas and I was wondering what cool things I could get with it? If you had $50 to spend at Amazon, what neat little toys would you buy?


Some things I already have:

- 1 launchpad (with a sample of the best DIP MSP430 chip)

- 1 cap-touch booster

- 1 MSP-EXP430FR5739 board

- 1 servo and 1 DC motor

- The magician chassis from sparkfun

- 1 LCD screen (16x2)

- Ping sensor

- Basic tools needed (i.e. simple soldering iron, strippers, needle nose)

- A couple small breadboards

- A handful of component kits (i.e. resistors, ceramic caps, elec caps, leds, diodes)


I'm at a loss for something out there! I know there must be more toys to play with :twisted:

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My wife laughed ( a good bit harder than I expected ) when I told her I was spending some of my Amazon money on:


Donegan DA-7 OptiVisor Headband Magnifier 2.75X Magnification, Diopter 7


She just doesn't understand when I say "I'm trying to solder 0603 components!"


From your list, it sounds like you need a good power supply too.

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