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CC430F5137 overheating problem

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So I'm trying to program different higher series chips with my launchpad and I was succesfull with F2274, F5508 but no luck with CC430F5137...


Here's the problem: I connected Dvcc (there is 3 of it) and Dvss to the launchpad, RST and TEST. At first i started the debugging in CCS it recognized the chip then gave an error that it's cannot be written... when I unplugged it, it was damn hot :crazy:

I thought I did something wrong, short circuit or anything, replaced the chip and double checked my break-out-board.


Now with the new chip same problem, when I plugged it into the supply on LP it started to get hot, not tried to program this one, unplugged instantly.




Do I have to apply voltage separately to VCORE? (datasheet says nothing about it, though 2274 said it's voltage output wich can't be loaded)

What did I did wrong?

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Problem solved! The radio caused the overheating... Theres a pin called R_BIAS, which determines the output power of the RF module (as far as I understood the datasheet), but I cant managed to find a formula in the documents how is it calculated... But it seems like if its not "floating" everythings fine ;)


So another chip on the list of which can be programmed with the LP 8-)

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