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MSP430 Reflow Oven

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Hey all, Nate here, made a nice little reflow oven to help me in the construction of surface mount boards. Got a video explaining it all here: PCBs and Control Boards for sale here: viewtopic.php?f=

Hello friends, I built a garage-made* SMT reflow oven in 2003, used a simple glass NTC as temperature sensor.   (*) we don't do those things inside "home", it is really made in the only place wife a

Just an update on this since I have not posted in a awhile. I did a second version of my reflow oven with an IR oven and a solid state relay. With this, I could ideally implement a better profile. You

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Looking good Nate. What you did there with C# is what I had in mind with our own project here too ( loosely based off your original idea).

Best of luck with your project! Always cool to see more reflow ovens =D  

They help alot for building stuff and once you get good with them, they save quite abit of time. Here was a recent school project that I did with LQFPs, QFNs, 0603s, and double sided. Wasn't too bad with the reflow oven. 




I'd recommend an IR oven if your still looking at ovens.

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Nate, yeah project exactly like that ( and possibly with BGA too ), is why we want a reflow oven. I have no idea how long wulfman had been looking into convection oven / reflow oven conversions, but shortly after one of our talks, the project came alive then.


Nearly any project now days that is SBC in nature will definitely need a reflow oven. Which is where a lot of my own personal interests lay. That school project of yours there looks very intriguing by the way lol :smile: If you wrote up a white paper on it, I would be very interested in reading it.

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Hi Nate I'm interested in building your reflow oven circuit and when I try get the project files, the download link doesn't work. So I was wandering if you could re-upload the files.

Hey, looks like all old links at one point in time were all killed. I updated the links. The first post should hopefully have all the info you need to get started. Let me know if anything is missing.

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