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MSP430 Reflow Oven

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Hey all, Nate here, made a nice little reflow oven to help me in the construction of surface mount boards. Got a video explaining it all here: PCBs and Control Boards for sale here: viewtopic.php?f=

Hello friends, I built a garage-made* SMT reflow oven in 2003, used a simple glass NTC as temperature sensor.   (*) we don't do those things inside "home", it is really made in the only place wife a

Just an update on this since I have not posted in a awhile. I did a second version of my reflow oven with an IR oven and a solid state relay. With this, I could ideally implement a better profile. You

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Nice wagnerlip!


See, many different ways to do this. Its cool that you use the SSR, any chance have a part # for that or a price tag? Always wanted to try a SSR sometime.


Interesting also that you used a thermistor, I didn't know they could be accurate over such large temp ranges. i'd be neat to test their accuracy versus a thermocouple. Will have to try it out. I'd be fun as a community project to see who can build the cheapest & quality oven.


Might have to give thermistors a try and see how accurate they are. Looks like this one might just do the trick: http://search.digikey.com/us/en/product ... ND/1220081

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In Norway I have problems getting a cheap toaster oven, so some other way of building this would be cool.


Could something like this work?




Edit: Found a normal oven that was ok priced. Is 1380 W enough? The above oven might still be an ok option, as it includes a fan, is 2000 W and is cheaper. I'd have to build a box with a broad pipe that leads the heat from the heater into the box I guess.


Edit2: Now this is probably a stupid question, but do you think I could build it with something like this:



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Ha ha! I was going to ask, "How well would a microwave oven control board work?", but thought it would be funny to leave out those words. :P

So, would it? The model I recently took apart looked like it had everything needed on-board except temp sensor, and the micro was in a 40-pin socket. Wouldn't be too hard to make a pcb to fit in that socket, and connect an element to the relay... But then there is the problem of so many microwave makes and models...

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Just an update on this since I have not posted in a awhile. I did a second version of my reflow oven with an IR oven and a solid state relay. With this, I could ideally implement a better profile. You have 3 traditional methods of transferring heat.


Convection (through air)

Conduction (through physical contact)

Radiation (IR for example)


My previous oven was convection so turning it off and on quickly didn't have much of an effect. It took too long for the heat to propagate to the board. My next oven design used a George Foreman IR oven for 55 usd from walmart. Using this combined with a SSR I was able to create rather quick profiles close to production speed.  

Oven: http://www.walmart.com/ip/George-Foreman-Infrared-Countertop-Oven-with-Rotisserie/19411514


I also wrote a C# GUI that allowed me to do live plots of the data I was receiving and this allowed me to implement P, PI, and PID algorithms and test them out. Connection for this GUI used a FT230 FTDI chip for USB communication. Here is a picture example of my leaded profile


*Note, we are dealing with IR heating here. The board temp is actually about 20C-30C higher than the air temp.



V2 pic of board: (top remained the same). V2 was for friends and for school since they didn't have a relfow oven. 



The version that uses USB was bread boarded... I may make a V3 with a color LCD and USB onboard. However, price keeps going up as I add those options. Generally hobbyists are only interested in dirt chip... Still have yet to make my dirt cheap version of all of this yet.

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