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I want to create something similar to Insteon/Simplehomenet EZSrve which is pretty costly, $100-$200.

My goal is to have as little components as possible, so I am thinking to use Wiznet's Ethernet-serial for TCP/IP and MSP430 to handle web requests and send X-10 protocol signals over power line (Wiznet's module is about $20-$30, MSP with a board <$10.)

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X-10 is very simple, you detect zero crossing point and send 120kHz modulated pulses. The frame size is 11bits and consists of 2 start bits, 4 bits house code, and 5 bits unit/cmd code (simply speaking, there is little more to this.)


The 120kHz pulse duration is 1ms, and when needed, it has to be transmitted at zero crossing (there should also be 2 more pulses following it, one 2.78ms after zero crossing, another 5.56ms after zero crossing.)

Binary one is represented by a pulse at zero crossing followed by the absence of a pulse at the next crossing.

Binary zero is represented by the absence of a pulse at zero crossing followed by a pulse at the next crossing.

Start code is a little bit different. It spans 4 zero crossings and there are 3 pulses followed by the absence.

So for example to send house G (0101) code and all lights off (01101) function code, you send 1ms 120kHz pulses like this (1 represents pulse, 0 no pulse) at each zero crossing:




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not that this is Mac related....


But there is a reason why Zigbee was invented. It was to replace that aweful aweful X10 protocol. I made an X10 controller and transmitter back in 1988 while in tech school. It sucked then and it still sucks now. But that's just my opinion.


If I had editing powers, I'd prune off this portion of the thread into its own thread.

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