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How fast can a LaunchPad Power Up?

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MSP430G2211 consume so little energy in LP mode, there is no need to turn it off.

And to answer your question: It depends of value of your bypass caps and internal resistance of your power supply(battery).

I want to power them up one after the other in a chain all runing off two wires a battery.

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I want to make some precision timers. like digital timing relays. The 1st one will get a trigger and after a short time send 12 VDC power down the line for the next and so on. The timing will be from .05 seconds to 1 or 2 seconds. Each timer will have two outputs one momentary to fire an E-match and the other output latching to send power to the next timer. I would like to do up to 50 timers in one chain but I need them all to be fairly accurate. Andy

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You're talking in .5 second(ish) increments. The startup time I would imaging to be in the order of microseconds.


I don't think you need to worry unless timing really needs to be THAT precise.

No that would be .05 second increments and over 50 units. I need to come up with a spec time to get the money man (owner of the company) to buy into this idea.

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