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Self-Powered Breadboard Setup

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This is nice! This way the boards stay together and don't shift. Also no dealing with back stickers anymore. Did your breadboard come with mounting holes?

Yes, the boards came mounted to a piece of plastic (4 boards) that was a bit too big for my taste. There is a slight gap under the switch end of the boards because the inset on the front of the enclosure was about 1.5mm too small. This was helpful in giving enough room for the wires soldered underneath, but may allow shifting of the boards' connectors (maybe 0.5mm at most).


Awesome! I would seriously pay for something like this.

Don't buy it, make it!

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I ended up buying this today... Think it will all fit?

That's a nice board, at a decent price! I'll have to save that link...


Whether your project will fit or not is hard to say. Arranging the LEDs as digits as you described will be problematic with a breadboard layout. You may have to construct the digits on circuit boards and connect them to the rest of the circuit on the breadboard(s) with leads.

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