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hi bluehash and everybody there...


this is arun from India...

final year engineering undergrad student in electronics and communication...


was awed by microocntrollers in my second year and after working on 8051 wanted to move on to some better stuff thats when MSP430 happened and 43oh was obvious...

im new here and a noob too.. however ive got good programming skills, TI micrcontrollers are alien to me... :ugeek:


what brought me to this forum?

i was seriously impressed by the new MSP430 and the cheap launchpad development kit along with the plethora of info being generated and the ones already flowing there on the internet...some serious reviews and suggestion by forum friends and i adopted the MSP!! :clap:


but wait.. ive never worked beyond 8051 and i havent tried AVR or the IAR embedded workbench and ive signed up for a protoype design contest at a global event.. i never really beleived but i made it to the top20 out of 1500 candidates :thumbup:

but wait............xams are up and i would have only 10days to work on the protoype and that would involve...


circuit designing :cry:

theoretical knowledge base buildup :idea:

testing :roll:

integration :arrow:

debugging :shock:

layout designing :wave:

assembling :P

report preperation :silent:

transportation (1200 miles) :cry:

presentation :clap:


Phew...... :problem:


anyways ive tried the forum with a question and i truly appreciate the members Bluehash, simpleAVR, robG and zeke who helped me out on my first problem....


i hope that i develop my protoype within 10 days from scratch.....


blehash!! can i do it? :!!!:

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