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Simple LED Fader?

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So... i've always wanted to make a pretty LED Fader and be able to implement then on my circuits.


By LED fader I mean this:


Now you could acourse use the launchpad but with a 16Mhz MCU I would think i'd be a waste of IO and processing power. Consequently i've been trying to look for a simple hardware alternative. I created this circuit this weekend that uses a single supply lm358. Works like a charm but still requires alot of components. Does anyone know of an IC that is specifically meant for this? I search digikey for led driver and only get about 20k results. I supppose I might be able to mimize the components if I use a 555 timmer?



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"normally", the LP runs at 1-MHz but, honestly (and hopefully the MSP gods won't zap me), you'd be better

off with an Atmel Tiny13 (8-pins) or one of the newer ATTiny9 (6-pins but no DIP package). You'd wind up

with far fewer components and it runs about the same speed sans crystal. It's a shame that TI doesn't

make an 8-pin '430.



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I sincerely doubt that there's a pre-programmed/wired chip that will do this.

Programming a small controller is fairly trivial since I've already dropped the

code for this, right here (albeit for the '430).


If you're THAT worried about cost, are you planning to make a bazillion of them???



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