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Arduino and AVR stuff for Sale/Trade

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Selling my Arduino and AVR items as a lot.





Included are:


  • [*:3c2juw4r]1x Arduino Uno
    [*:3c2juw4r]2x SparkFun CAN-Bus Shields
    [*:3c2juw4r]1x SparkFun LCD
    [*:3c2juw4r]1x Illuminato Triple Extender Shield
    [*:3c2juw4r]1x ZigBee Shield
    [*:3c2juw4r]1x ZigBee Pro Series 1
    [*:3c2juw4r]3x Atmel ATmega644 uC
    [*:3c2juw4r]1x Atmel ATmega16 uC
    [*:3c2juw4r]1x Atmel AT90S8515 uC
    [*:3c2juw4r]3x Atmel ATtiny88 uC
    [*:3c2juw4r]2x Atmel ATmega48 uC
    [*:3c2juw4r]1x Atmel ATtiny85 uC
    [*:3c2juw4r]1x Atmel ISPmkII In System Programmer (Including 1x 6 to 8 pin Adapter, 1x 6pin cable and 1x 8pin cable)
    [*:3c2juw4r]1x Atmel STK500 (Including DB-9 Cable, missing the 10pin cables and other cables, which can be replaced from Sparkfun etc)


All of it was working the last time I used any one item, just moved onto the MSP430 series of micro-controllers and figured I'd sell to fund purchasing some more MSP430 stuff (Chronos watch, booster packs etc).


Make a offer.


Thanks for looking.



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