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PADrINO = MSP430 with Arduino's footprint

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Oh, really?

Seems like we do. I think what others are unsuccessfully trying to suggest to you is that they might like your board better if you added a second row of headers aligned on the standard .1" grid like

Makes sense but Rick said it best ...     Also these points are needed to truely make it work:     This is important, because the shields come as finished PCB's, and if the lines do not match,

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Hello cde, point taken, i believe the free CCS has a 16K limit (might be wrong, though), not sure on IAR but there are bunch of other free tools available with no limitation, in the other hand ARDUINO and it's software is good for hobbist or individuals that do not want to dig into what really is happening, but when tackleing a real project Arduino hits the wall fair and square since does not have the emulation and simulation tools MSP430 has and Arduino is buggy. try running the trigonometric functions on both then check me back.



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Thanks but do not see the point, this processor is an ARM, google for FEZ (has an ARM), CHIPINO (a PIC), etc, etc there are a lot of processors using ARDUINO's footprint but none using and MSP430, that is where PADrINO comes into the picture...


It's odd that TI did not jump on the wagon and reuse the existing Arduino's ecosystem just by matching the odd headers etc, but on the same token have not seen a Renesas or one of the top 3 MCU manufacturers with similar boards to ARDUINO


does it makes sense?



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