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PADrINO = MSP430 with Arduino's footprint

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Oh, really?

Seems like we do. I think what others are unsuccessfully trying to suggest to you is that they might like your board better if you added a second row of headers aligned on the standard .1" grid like

Makes sense but Rick said it best ...     Also these points are needed to truely make it work:     This is important, because the shields come as finished PCB's, and if the lines do not match,

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I'm indifferent but More power to you! The board looks nice.


I think it's Processing that really put the Arduino on the map.


What processor is on it?

Is it pin compatible with the Arduino?

Do you have software libraries developed for it?

Are you using MSPhere or EasyMSP frameworks?

Do you have example programs for new users to learn from?

Does it have USB connectivity?

Does it have Processing support?

How's your documentation?

Where's your documentation?

What's your website like? Is it ready for a million dumb questions?

Who are you targeting with this board? Engineers or Artists?

Is it open source hardware?

What's the price?


The name is awkward and I'm not fond of it. Have you thought of any alternatives? What about Launchpaduino, Padame, Rhino, Arduino Uccisore, Sicario, Electrone?

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Hello Zeke, all excellent questions.


This board has an MSP430 on it, and would behave pretty much as if it was a Luchpad to the MSP430 tools, USB port - yes, it would be programmed with the same tools a Lauchpad is programed today (weapon of your choice), we have not libraries since the libraries are already existing for the Arduino's Shields would need to be ported, we are jut giving engineers and hobbist access to the existing Arduino's shileds and be able to debug with MSP430 tools


This is not meant to replace MSP430 Launchpad nor Arduino, they are excellent products.


Price will be comparable to Arduino's ~$30-35 range, we are not TI hence we will not be shipping Lauchpads wrapped with a $20 bill :)



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Hello Jbrmark, it's not feaseable, launchpad and the "G" devices have 3V io only and limited to 20pins max from those 11 i/os give or take, one would need to add level shifters to all digital pins and they do not have enough pins to cover all digital + analog.


Let's put it this way, you pay a $25 premium for the "PADrINO" but gain access to thousand shields, sounds like a fare deal to me...



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