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CCS Static Library for Launchpad

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I'm having the hardest time trying to do something that seems easy enough, building a static library in CCS.

I can build the library fine, but cannot successfully link an application against it. Here is my test code:


/// testlib header file
#ifndef TEST_H_
#define TEST_H_

int testfunc(int x);

int testfunc2(int x)
return x*2;
#endif /*TEST_H_*/


/// testlib source file
#include "test.h"

int testfunc(int x)
return x*2;


/// application source file
#include "../testlib/test.h"

void main(void) 
int y = testfunc2(33);
int z = testfunc(33);


Seems easy enough! I always end-up with this:

undefined first referenced

symbol in file

--------- ----------------

testfunc ./test.obj


error: unresolved symbols remain

error: errors encountered during linking; "testexe.out" not built


I added the static lib as a reference in the application, I also added a -l option to the linker command line and can never get it to compile. I have seen some launchpad "libraries" out there completely implemented in header files. Is this a coincidence? Is linking with user defined libs allowed in the code limited version of CCS?



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I finally had some free time and managed to get it to work. I guess changing compiler, IDE, microcontroller got me distracted...


I found an nm utility in ccsv4/tools/compiler/msp430/nm430.exe. used it on the lib and saw that it generated testfunc__Fi as an export symbol. After looking around at the compiler options, I realized that the library source file was .cpp and not .c!! D'oh!


Everything fine now, move along people!

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