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New chips shipping with the LaunchPad?

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Oh my goodness! Just read this post and rushed to open the 3 LP just arrived ealier this week, and yes they are the 2553 and 2452, the board version is 1.5, and the headers are soldered (male heade

1. As jim940 mentioned already, male headers are easier to damage. 2. Affecting hundreds of users by soldering headers just to make presenters life easier, crazy. 3. There is a simple solution that

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Yes agree with Fred that a presoldered header is more convenient especially for someone new to the mcu and electronics world. Im bewbie so it's of little weight for my opinion to the debate whether it should be male or female header, but....


But to me, the previous unsoldered version with the cap touch pack is very meaningful to me... It is the first time in my life to solder something :)


I still remember after ordering the captouch pack i knew it is inevitable to solder the lp, so i went out and looked for a solder iron. I guess it is not hard to remember the day getting our hands of one? I looked shop after shop, have no idea what soldering is actually like, and finally got one, wondering all the way home with it will it work??? Hehehe


Thankfully this LP captouch thing somehow helped me with a pyschological hurdle of some sort.. before that i always tried to avoid reading products description beyond "soldering is required".

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Ordered mine 19/01/2012. Received them today (24/01/2012) all 3 are rev 1.5 boards. I kind of like how the headers are soldered on by default. I wonder how much extra that cost's them...


Also they are a lot more shiny than the original 1.4 board I bought back in August 2010, they had alot of kind of powdery reside, likely from the cleaning process used.


Interesting how they are not re-enforcing the front two USB tabs like on the older ones, I wonder if they decided it wasn't worth it. Or if they're strong enough as is.

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