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What have you been up to this weekend?

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What do you think?


i am too old for smd, feeling dizzy after watching your work.


i implemented "nyan cat" on the "bad apple" toy. (my entry to potm, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1961)





i don't need the sd card and all fits in firmware, a two track midi + the play is actually a 12 frame animated gif. all fit well in a G2452.


but the image is barely recognizable as the original is colored, can see it when reduced to 1 bit. i am trying to find another source / content to redo it.

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You all are pros! :o I really admire you all!


Please allow me to chime in late.. for the last weekend i did...


1) tried hard to trouble shoot a bluetooth + H-Bridge problem..


2) Built a test rig for a simplified laser security inspired by a forum member username's post. This rig is for fixing the laser pointer using the LP capacitive touch shield. The end goal is to have a stable fixture but detacheable laser pointer for development and deployment respectively; even longer goal is to make use of the cap touch as input switches to do simple configuration of the laser security.




3) sat down and wondered whether there will be TIDeals the coming week.


4) got married on last saturday :D

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Nice job blue, that should work better for those cases you were looking at. The orientation is a problem with the xproto, in that your fingers can interact easily with the channel leads when you are fiddling about with the selector buttons. Now yours can sit on the desk as well, with the usb port trailing off out of the way in back. :thumbup:



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Now yours can sit on the desk as well, with the usb port trailing off out of the way in back.


o_O I must do a desk test. That was not a design consideration . :)

As of now, I have magnets on the back pads of the Launchpad and they stick to any metal surface, like my PC case.

I'll do the desk test when I get home.

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whhhaaaaaa..... i've been studying for finals. What a freaking waste of time. =( Have so many better projects I could be working on.


Anyhow, I wanted to make pretty LED fader that would work on a single supply and a lm358. Heres what I came up with. Its a hysteresis oscillator combined with another op amp to make a triangle wave. It works fine... just not quite worth posting a video and a picture wouldn't really show the fade effect.



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