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Will this voltage multiplier work?

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I need a 12kv dc power source, that can supply about 10ma. I was hoping to leave inductors out of the equation also.


12 KV @ 10 mA is 120 Watts. With an efficiency of 70%, you would need about 170 Watts of power.


A boost converter using an inductor is not really practical at this power level. A multiplier could be part of the solution, but only with an input that is many kV. A flyback transformer from a 19 to 27 inch TV will probably be close to what you need.


The whole circuit needs to be lightweight (<2 lbs) too,


Not a problem with a high frequency supply. If you want to run from batteries, then you will have much more weight.


12 kV @ 10 mA is a potentially lethal. If it doesn't kill you it will hurt you in a way you will never forget.

Don't work with LOPT, MOT, OBIT, NST and such while you are alone.

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