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TI motor driver PCB using "PowerPad" heatsink

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Hi All,


Thought that I would share a TI motor driver PCB breakout, inspired by GW. It is made for the DRV8833 dual H-bridge stepper/dual brushed PWM controlled IC. Using the PowerPad heatsink technology, this baby should handle the larger gearhead motors (it worked for my solar tracker). It is rated at 2A. I used the msp430g2231 for PWM control. I also made the bottom a huge heatsink if you can see through the purple haze. Subliminally, I cant decide if I am a bigger NW or U of I fan (being a CU alum??).






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You probably have to have one made, and it takes a couple weeks or so to get. You could use basic 28pin ssop adapter boards that go for about $1 each, but you may need to drill a hole in the bottom and fashion a heatsink yourself. This worked for me when I wanted to evaluate the chip, but it is a little tricky.....


What are you microstepping?

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Dork bot really came through for me, about the same time it takes from China, but I didn't need to spend $15, and get ten extras....


I used the lodestar mechanics solder, spread a thin trail on the pins, and a drop on the PPad, 450 degrees 2 minutes, and I had a perfect cookie. tested it, and all seems well. Didn't seem to heat up using 9V battery as source V.


I am trying a circular PCB for a design i have been fumbling, but there may be an issue with rendering the 2 segment arcs the designspark uses to make a circle.

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