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Hey all,


Seems like wifi is a new craze around here. Wanted to try to get into this over Christmas or summer break. Anyhow, to my knowledge, most hobbyists use the zigbee transceivers. However, at 25 usd per item.... they seem abit overpriced. Heard some other options out there but pretty much anything over 10usd per transceiver doesn't interest me too much.


After doing abit of searching it would seem that this 4usd transceiver would be pretty darn stinkin ideal. Anyone have any experience using it? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NRF24L01-2-4GHz ... 3a6c60f3d0


going to try to get this guy to work when I get some time. If you have any knowledge or experience with it, advise would be appreciated!

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