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CC1310 / CC1350 (sensortag) VCC (battery) monitor

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yes, i forgot convert value to millivolts, whole code is:

#include <driverlib/aon_batmon.h>
void setup() {

void loop() {
  int BATstatus = AONBatMonBatteryVoltageGet();
  BATstatus = (BATstatus * 125) >> 5;

so I started researching libraries in ...\power\hardware\cc13xx\4.9.1\system\source folder. I know that even you @Rei Vilo,are the author of libraries for several sensors, but I tried to import #include <ti/mw/sensors/SensorBmp280.h> and then call SensorBmp280_init() in setup function but something is wrong: undefined reference to `SensorBmp280_init'

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Possible reasons:

  • The ti/mw/sensors/SensorBmp280.h library is not designed for Energia.
  • Other files may be needed.

That's why I've recommended the Weather Sensors Library designed for Energia. I haven't read any mention to the Weather Sensors Library library before on this thread.

For the ti/mw/sensors/SensorBmp280.h library, you may ask the E2E forum directly.

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