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serial communication

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what i want to do is have an arduino send serial data to multiple msp430 launchpads. so that when the msp430 gets a certain message it will start doing a pattern and it will take care of light control while the arduino can do other things. any helpp would be appreciated.


i also posted on the Arduino forum about this.


what i need help with is reading serial data sent from the arduino and then doing a task based on the data.


i am doing a Multi-drop set up with about 7 430s and one arduino mega.


each 430 will be controlling 8 rgb leds via shift registers


here is a rough idea on the data that will be sent from the arduino


Serial1.print ('<'); //start

Serial1.print ('5'); // address

Serial1.print ("001"); // Foreground is Blue

Serial1.print ("010"); // Background is Green

Serial1.print ("100"); // Marker is Red

Serial1.print ('>'); // end


any help would be great.

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i just need the msp to realize there is data coming in read it and if it is meant for that msp then do something based on the data and if it is not meant for that msp then to just ignore it.


Sounds like your best bet would be the code in the link below written by oPossum. It is compact and provides blocking reads:





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