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Contest - 43oh Project Of The Month

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Hello Everyone,


We are pleased to announce the "43oh Project Of The Month" contest. This will be held every month starting from this month Nov-2010. This is an opportunity for you to show off what you can do with the MSP430. The forum has been growing both with good discussions and members. The project section of the forum as well as the Blog has a lot of project ideas you can base your submission on. Feel free to ask questions about the project on the forum.


Now for the prize:

[G]eekdoc has been kind enough to donate a pristine unopened Launchpad kit. Although you may already have one, having another Launchpad can be quite handy like a project you may not want to take apart or recreate [J]oby's SPI Ninja. Thanks Geekdoc for sponsoring this month's contest giveaway.




To submit your entry, make an entry into this thread with the following:

1- A small description of your project.

2 - Code.

3 - Schematic(rough/hand drawn is fine as long its legible)


About judging the winner : A week before the contest ends, a poll will be created with all the project entries. Only members of the forum will be allowed to vote.


A few simple rules to follow:

- You must be a member of the 43oh forum at least a week before your submission.

- One entry from each member will be permitted.

- Your project can be anything based around the MSP430. You may interface the MSP430 to another controller.

- You may reuse code from anywhere as long as you give credit to the original author.

- You must submit code and schematics of your project with a proper description.

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Hahahaha... theoretically I could. Redstone is Turing complete, and the MSP430 devices are von Neumann architecture... but I also have classes.


EDIT: Whipped something up. Nothing to do with Minecraft, but definitely to do with one of my other addictions :P I'll be polishing it up a bit before I submit it.

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