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CCSv5 Load program Error

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I got a TI launchpad and am trying to run one of the test programs they have on their wiki. I followed their walk through but when I debug I am getting an error.

"MSP430: GEL: Encountered a problem loading file: C:\MSP430_LaunchPad\Labs\Lab2\Project-TS\Debug\Temperature_Sense_Demo.out Could not open file"


I have tried making new projects in other directories. Tried the "Blink the LED" they give you. All to no avail..


I opened the debug folder and sure enough I can't find any .out files. I am sure there is a simple solution for this? Anyone know what's up?

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It wasn't compiling, that was the problem. I ended up downloading CCSv4 and it threw the same error. The path defined was weird because the windows account I was using is named "MOM & DAD" with spaces. Code Composer stopped looking when it saw the space after MOM so it couldn't find the file. I logged on to a different user account on my computer and that solved the problem.


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