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Well I am Old.


Made an Oatmeal box crystal radio in the 1950's. Thought Popular Science was nuts (also IT&T) in the 1960's when they made a big old fuss about the possibility of actually seeing video of the person you were on the phone with.


Spent a lot of time scrounging elecro-mechanical parts at various city dumps and 'makin' stuff'. Now that my Luddite Season has passed, I have discovered that it might just be pretty cool to program a circuit as opposed to ripping out a few hundred components and starting over just because you want to change a single parameter in the project. Who'da thought it?


Oh, and I did a little exceedingly boring aviation wizardry in the meantime.


That all means: I am a breadboarding freak. Having tossed all my junk (wives define things differently) and having been away from my shop for several years, I am waiting for my launchpad, fixing to learn a lot about coding, I suspect. Be gentle with me.

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I can still remember making my first crystal radio back in grade 6 using a piece of wood, copper nails, one germanium diode, a 4" dowel with 100 turns of AWG26 enamel wire and that pink piezoelectric crystal earphone.


I sure wished that I still had that radio. It sure was cool to lay in bed at night and listen to places a loooooong ways away.


The best thing about it was that it required no batteries!

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