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Paper Silkscreen for Radio Shack Proto Boards

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After seeing a bunch of guys doing this over the last year, I finally gave it a try yesterday. I created a board in DipTrace with the precise dimensions for the little 1.8" by 2.8" Radio Shack prototype board and I printed the silkscreen layer as an XPS file. Then I printed it out onto paper while at school yesterday. Last night I put plastic tape on both sides, cut it out, and glued it onto the prototype board. Results don't look bad, even if I do say so myself (apologies for the poor quality picture).


Cheerful regards, Mike



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Are there any tracks? Or only silkscreen.

All I have in the DipTrace file is the silkscreen...


Can you take a pic of the backside, or link to the radioshack sku?

The Radio Shack part # for this board is 276-149... This is a cheapie phenolic board with a 15 x 25 grid of solder pads (minus a pad in each corner)... Here's a photo of the back side of the board (from another old project);



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It works. Yippee! The circuit on the right side of the board with the 8 pin device is my one pin serial LCD interface (which would normally be designed as a separate LCD backpack).


With minor changes (silkscreen and wiring), I believe this PIC prototyping board could be used with 14 and 20 pin MSP430 devices.


Happy Holidays everyone...




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