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Anaren TI CC110L RF AIR Booster Pack

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I did some systematic testing with the configuration registers in CC1100-CC2500.c, to see which settings affect the interaction of the two CC110L Booster Packs.  Switching IOCFG2 from 0x0B to 0x29 (serial clock to the recommended CHIP_RDYn) had no effect.  Changing PKTCTRL1 and FSCTRL1 to the recommended settings also did not affect operation.  However, changing MCSM1 from 0x3F to 0x30 failed to produce an acknowledgement LED blink on the receiving board.  According to the TI CC110L manual,  this register selects what the transceiver does after a packet is received/sent.  For 0x30 it sets idle/idle whereas 0x3F sets it to receive/receive.

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Here's an updated CCS project for the Anaren Air Booster Pack. It's quite obvious they're not familiar with CCS. Included directories are very vague and leave header includes looking like "../../../HA

I was similarly frustrated with Anaren but especially TI for a short while, until I realized that TI actually have some simple example RF code out there in nice BSD licenses. That's the code that http

Hi all,   Anaren has released an update of their firmware and its now also available for CCs   http://www.anaren.com/content/File/AIR/ ... upport.cfm   cheers   Cor   EDIT: just checked the

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This thread hasn't been updated in a while so I hope some of you are still out there.


First thanks to all of the contributors so far.  This is a topic for which there is very little information available.


I have two identical launchpad setups, system A and B, running the Lars code with each board attached to a separate laptop. Both laptops are running CCS. I use CSS to monitor the Tx and Rx buffers to confirm transmissions and receptions.  The only modifications I made to the Lars code was to add lines to increment one of the Tx characters (with each transmit) so that I could confirm multiple transmissions.


The problem is that if I initiate the first transmit from system A (after loading code or resetting), system B appears to not be able to transmit other than sending an acknowledgement.  Similarly if I transmit from system B after loading code system A is only able to transmit acknowledgements.  The system that transmits first is able to effect additional transmits with each press of S2 and for each transmit receives an acknowledgement. The system that receives the first transmit is only able to continue to receive and send an acknowledgement.  I have observed that when I press S2 on the system that is the first to receive (after it has received the first time) the green LED lights briefly as if it is transmitting and the green LED on the other system lights briefly.  However there is no data in the Rx buffer on the receiving system.


I would like to be able to initiate transmits from either system as necessary and have them received on the other system followed by an acknowledgement.


Also, I note from the Anaren documentation that they talk about paring and nodes and sensors where sensors transmit and nodes listen.  I don

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Thanks RobG!  


When you say to comment out one of the following lines, do you mean to say un-comment the line that applies to my  hardware?


//#define HARDWARE 2500 // CC2500 BoosterPack SPI1 G2553 LP
//#define HARDWARE 915 // Anaren (915MHz) G2553 LP
//#define HARDWARE 4302500 // EZ430-RF2500

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Think I answered my own question and came up with a few more.


I am using the CC110L Booster Pack.   Is the  #define HARDWARE 2500 // CC2500 BoosterPack SPI1 G2553 LP

statement correct in this case?


Also, I assume that I can use the other available frequencies with appropriate code modifications.


Thanks again for your help.





some trial and error shows that the #define HARDWARE 915 // Anaren (915MHz) G2553 LP

is the correct define statement for my hardware.  Was able to transmit and receive from either setup.


Thanks for the code.  It appears to be simple and direct and will make a great starting point for further experimentation.



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Have 2 lp MSP-EXP430G2 and anaren CC110L. Would like to send sensor data wirless.
Would lik to try the "Bridge" one dzhon posted 17 june 2013.

"Flash firmware into two booster packs with launchpads to get "wireless" UART @ 9600bps 8b1 mode.

but I need some help. Can I use one of the lp to also read ADC-value and the other to display the value.
May I ask if someone could explain in a few line the best way to send-rec ADC values. using the bridge
Can I use GCC compiler?

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