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Anaren TI CC110L RF AIR Booster Pack

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Here's an updated CCS project for the Anaren Air Booster Pack. It's quite obvious they're not familiar with CCS. Included directories are very vague and leave header includes looking like "../../../HA

I was similarly frustrated with Anaren but especially TI for a short while, until I realized that TI actually have some simple example RF code out there in nice BSD licenses. That's the code that http

Hi all,   Anaren has released an update of their firmware and its now also available for CCs   http://www.anaren.com/content/File/AIR/ ... upport.cfm   cheers   Cor   EDIT: just checked the

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Hi all,


The people at Anaren have released a new version of their IAR based BoosterStack



For me this setup works in IAR workbench evaluation without any problems, based on that experience it will be interesting to use the upcoming CCS version. Devices (G2553 chips) that have been programmed with this new firmware will automatically recognize and start sending messages to each other after they have been paired once with the software. The software is not needed - unless you want to see the readout in the boosterstack GUI - afterwards.



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I'm making a very simple open source RF library for the MSP430 RF Booster Pack. It's at https://github.com/mobilars/LarsRF It's not done yet, but I hope to make a functional demo during today. It won't be advanced though. It's just meant for simple demos, prototypes and DIY stuff. For more advanced stuff, I'd recommend using SimpliciTI, now that this has been shown to be portable.

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OK, so I made the library, and it was sort of working, but then CorB told me about this library: slaa325a (I'm not allowed to add a URL as I*m a new user, so google it).


I reverted to using that, ported it to Launchpad (just minor config changes) and made it available on my GitHub repository. It's BSD-licensed. Thanks Texas Instruments for making a great Launchpad product and a great CC1101, which must be the most flexible of all RF chips. And to Anaren for the module!!! (you can tell I'm very happy, right? :) )

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Here's an updated CCS project for the Anaren Air Booster Pack. It's quite obvious they're not familiar with CCS. Included directories are very vague and leave header includes looking like "../../../HAL/HAL.h" instead of simply, "HAL.h". The code is a mess as well as the project's documentation lacks notes on how to configure the CCS project.


CCS v5.1 Project


CCS v4.2 Project


Originally, it required you to create a new workspace in the /Firmware folder then import the project. With this project, you can import into any workspace.


2 warnings exist after compiling but don't seem to cause malfunction.



Consider this repair in the BETA stages, there are a few more changes that should be made for all-round usability but it works to get it going and test it.


NOTE: This is a CCS project you need to import. In CCS, click "Project -> Import Existing CCS Project" then browse to the unzipped project folder.

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Thank you very much for this code. I am running it in CCSv5 and it seems fine. You were right about the Anaren example, those fellows clearly didn't know what they were doing. Oh well, you do, and so here's a hearty Thank You from Indiana.


One thing I discovered is that the program compiles and loads just fine but running ATC Booster Stack lite does not cause any connection. Is there something I am missing? Resetting the serial connection does no good. Pressing S2 causes the blinking alarm that I see in the code, so I feel confident that the program is loaded. Checked the device (MSP430G2553) etc etc.


Any pointers appreciated. It loads, it works, but how to get it to talk to the another device eludes me.


Cheery regards,

John in Bloomington, IN USA

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When testing the Air-BoosterStack software from Anaren you need to be sure that you set the devices in the right mode. So one serves as a HUB and another serves as a SENSOR. I had initially problems to get this working but after the firmware revision later in december the steps to setup as HUB and SENSOR did work easier. After that things should work as planned.

Unfortunately we cannot SEE the AIR-Module working if the HUB and SENSOR are not communicating with each other. A simple Led (with a jumper) on the boosterpack would have been easy.

Furthermore, I had an issue with one of my launchpads which took me some time to find out. The GND-connection did not reach the boosterpack. Turned out that one this particular launchpad the GND pin from the header wasnt connecting good. It might be wise to check if the AIR_module gets powered up properly.





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I have compiled this code onto the two devices. When triple-clicking the button, both of them toggle between two blinks and three blinks, which tells me that they are ready for pairing.


However, when I plug either of them in, the ATC Booster Stack lite GUI does not find them. Has anyone had this problem? My TX/RX jumpers are turned (I have the latest versions of the MSP430 boards, just came in the mail last week).


I've walked through the quick start several times without any successful connection to the GUI. I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong but it beats me what it is.


All comments appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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