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Anaren TI CC110L RF AIR Booster Pack

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Here's an updated CCS project for the Anaren Air Booster Pack. It's quite obvious they're not familiar with CCS. Included directories are very vague and leave header includes looking like "../../../HA

I was similarly frustrated with Anaren but especially TI for a short while, until I realized that TI actually have some simple example RF code out there in nice BSD licenses. That's the code that http

Hi all,   Anaren has released an update of their firmware and its now also available for CCs   http://www.anaren.com/content/File/AIR/ ... upport.cfm   cheers   Cor   EDIT: just checked the

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According to the product page:

Can be paired wirelessly with heart rate monitors, pedometers or other devices based RF transceivers like the CC1101 or SoCs such as the CC430 or CC111x


More Boosterpacks coming.. including the 433Mhz

433 MHz U.FL Connector A1101R04C-LPD A1101R04C-LPF



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Thanks, I am from Hong Kong. Perhaps it's the frequency issues like the Meta Watch series. I haven't had any RF product from TI estore, but there seems to be two categories..


1. able to put into cart: the classic 430 Chronos watch, the RF2500 dev board


2. show "unavailable": Meta Watch, and the AIR Booster Pack


Again I haven't actually ordered the Chronos nor the RF2500, so can't confirm they will be able to ship here the other side of the world even if it can be put into the basket.



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Hi there,


today I received my booster pack. I'm a little bit confused on how the booster pack has to be inserted into the launchpad. Directly on the launchpad it says "this side up" written on the arrow. But, with that side up it can't be put into the launchpad.

Is it correct that the anaren rf module has to face down when the booster pack is inserted into the launchpad?







aaawww I see ... after watching this video: http://www.anaren.com/content/Media/Boo ... Anaren.wmv

I've got the wrong headers in my launchpad :D Glad I investigated deeper than just trying it out and probably would have killed something :)

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OK. So... I got the RF booster pack, set it up and it runs ok with the firmware that's on there. But when I try to compile the firmware that's on the CD, I get some problems. One is that I only have the IAR kickstarter, but I think I was able to get the code size down by taking stuff out. Then it turns out I was compiling for the 2274... but the chip on the launchpad is 2553 (not 2453 as it says on the box). After switching chip config in IAR (and setting a different board parameter), I get lots of compile errors. It seems the include files are a bit off. I'm using the newest IAR. Might be the problem... I've changed a lot of header files and removed lots of the issues, but many remain.


I guess I have to go read some documentation. But if someone has a hint on how to proceed, or have been succesful, let me know (or, as this is my first post in this forum, if this post is misplaced and should be somewhere else, let me know that too)...


Anyway, also, the license on their code is not at all open-source-friendly. When will these guys learn from Arduino??? I can't even post the source examples I make, as far as I can see. Would I have to rewrite everything?




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Hello, I am new to the MSP430, but I purchased a boosterpack set so I can experiment with them during my Christmas break as wireless development interests me. It is running off the SPI connection between the MSP430 and itself which is nice.


I'll probably attempt to write my own SPI <-> CC110L library over the next few months. Wish me luck! :lol:



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