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[REQ]Idea - Nunchuck/Video Game Shield

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I don't have anywhere near the skills to pull something like this off - but I'd love to see something like this in a Booster: http://www.wayneandlayne.com/projects/video-game-shield/ - the fact that the nunchuck runs @ 3.3v makes it ideal to work with the LP. I've seen a static image TV Out example for the LP - has anyone done actual video?

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Awesome! That looks like a great start for the video, although it looks like it had to be in Assembly to run fast enough. ASM is way out of my skill-set unfortunately, but I'm wondering if a 2553 running > 1mhz could handle it. I'll take a look @ jbremnant's Nunchuck code. Might not be too difficult to set up a TV Out proof-of-concept by combining the two.

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NatureTM has done some video work with C



and here's a blogpost about using the nunchuck and a nokia lcd



when NatureTM did the tv code the g2553 wasn't out yet, so theres some more room to play with. I branched off his code and got one paddle working and a ball bouncing (brick attack!) and i think he was working on a similar thing, though i don't think any of that is posted on his site. i'll try and dig up the code i did for brick attack (on my other laptop)


if you can get spi working along with the tv out on the same chip, you can use a second chip for the game workings.. easily dooable with two 2553 chips i think

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