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PetiteFS FATfs SDCard USCI code

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Edit: July 6th, 2014 Please also note that Pabigot maintains BSP430 which has an example for the msp430. He also tracks any changes done to the ElmChan library with patches made to the example. Refer

I went ahead and tested the booster pack and added the write support in the attached zip file. You should take a look at the Petit FatFS documentation regarding the write limitations. PetiteFS only

I took a look at the software serial code - I'm not seeing any issues with gutting it and using hardware UART unless I'm missing something obvious.  I'm not seeing anything that sets anything affectin

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are you people work with fpga.

actually my target is to implement it on fpga.

please help me.

My preferred language is vhdl.


thank you :rolleyes:

This would be a developer request and should not be placed in an active topic.

Short answer: No, we don't do FPGAs, we use MSP430 microcontrollers.

Longer answer: Some of us might know how to use and design FPGAs, but it's not related (directly) to this forum. Why would you want to do this yourself, your FPGA supplier has most certainly an IP block to talk to SD.

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Hello fellows,

I can connect the MSP430G2553, width SDcard Chip, I use a LC studio  sdcard and I have made ??all the connections. and ran the program with the Sdcard WRITE.TEXT file saved on the SDcard but nothing happens

I have used this connections:








What i am doing wrong

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