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[RFS]Motion Pack - Let your launchpad sense motion!

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I've been thinking of creating this for a while, and i think the time is now.


The motion pack is a 6DOF (Or 9DOF if the gyro is added) launchpad booster pack to sense acceleration and magnetic heading.


6DOF version:

A HMC5883L 3 axis compass and a MMA8452Q (or perhaps a MMA8453Q) 3 axis accelerometer with supporting components.


9DOF Version:

The 9DOF version contains everything the 6DOF has,but includes a ITG-3200 3 axis gyro. The ITG-3200 has been replaced with the L3G4200D triple axis gyro.


I'll figure out pricing soon... but the 6DOF shouldn't cost more than $19.99 (or even $14.99) populated. But it's a different story for the 9DOF...




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So i mostly have the cost figured out.


A assembled 6DOF board would be around $19.99 to $24.99 This also would include First Class shipping.


As for the 9DOF, you might be looking at around $39.99 to $49.99. The ITG-3200 is a really expensive IC ($20 on newark!)


I'll have bare board prices as soon as i find the correct service...


But please be aware that these prices may change, as i'm still researching...

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