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About I2C in msp430.

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well i may be whhhaaaaay off but the way i've used i2c in the past is set a variable/flag/message/something so that the next time the master polls for information, whatever info you wanted to give to the master, the master will come and get it. I don't think it does transmit and receive in the traditional sense, but in programming you can implement something. I believe its mostly for getting information from peripherals.. the only time i've used it was to get 3axis data off a wii nunchuck. oh and here's the wiki on i2c.. not sure it helps anything... but i did go through the effort of googling for it, so you can have it :)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%C2%B2C


I'm sure there will be a post after this one that explains i2c in a better fashion :)

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