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Communication over air MSP430G2231

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Hi there guys,


Honestly I desperately need help. I need to finish this project in 2 - 3 weeks. My professor and I talked about it and now I am working on a TI Launchpad to learn microcontrollers. Programming is fine but using its peripherals, communicating with environment is something I am working on due to limited tools I have.


My project is basically make the G2231 micro controller (or I have G2211 too) be able to communicate with another microcontroller on air. We've talked about the design, making the antenna. I am gonna do an AM receiver and transmitter, use an Op Amp to amplify the signal over the distance. I also need to connect other devices that I am working on (Keypad, display, etc). I need personal help mostly here if possible Skype this next week. I am trying to come with the parts I need, and I actually do not know how many pins I'll use on the microcontroller to communicate over the air. When I finish the project hopefully it'll make a good example here. Do you guys think all those peripherals can be connected to G2231 or before it's too late I should change the microcontroller? I can't really use TI's WiFi ready to use solutions because I am also trying to design such circuit and AM receiver transmitter. I couldn't find any example or tutorial on any of this and I have very limited time to pass this 6 credit/hour course (2 courses).


To summarize this, at least the device needs to receive/transmit (AM), have a display, keypad, and I need 3 or more pins to connect other extra to connect other stuff.


Again any help is very much appreciated, thanks for welcoming me to this community.



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2 weeks and you need all that? i hate to say it but i'd buy an arduino and throw some money at it, get a few xbee's, keypad shield, display shield, .. i know they have an fm shield (idk about AM). 2 weeks is a really short time to learn the micro controller well enough to do all those things. I'm happy to help with any specific questions you have but I don't think anyone here will be doing your homework for you.... Poke around the internet for the AM transmission first and find something that'l work you might have to change your tune and go with a prepackaged solution. Then decide what micro controller you need. the keypad is alot of inputs unless you have some way of narrowing down the inputs to just a few pins. The g2231 only has 10 io so it's hard to add all those goodies without a little help. As for displays, i've used the Nokia 3310 screens and alot of people have used nokia screens in general with great success. Give the forums a search for nokia when you get to that point. Theres been someone in these forums that has done all the things you want to do with this micro (except maybe the AM transmission) so give it a search and ask questions on those posts if you have them.


Good luck on the project buddy!

I hope you keep with the Launchpad, it's been great fun for me.

Oh and keep asking questions, everyone here is really great!

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I am working on the antenna design on my own. But keypad I heard needs at least 4 pins, and display also. I might just go for on and off switch buttons use it like a remote controller for my project. I need a display on one end for sure. I may skip the keypad and just use 2 pins of the micro to have 4 button on the device.


I didn't ask anyone to do my homework I think that's wrong kind of thought. I am working on it and I don't think there is anything wrong with asking for some help. Everybody in the class are doing easy and regular projects that have been done a lot of times before and they have resources on the internet on their stuff. I am having problem on my own project. If I wanted my homework done, I would have put all the fine details to the homework here.



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Take it easy :). THH isn't accusing you of anything wrong, but he does make a valid point.


Can you hang all these peripherals off a 2211 or a 2231? Depends on how smart your peripherals are -- have everything have its own controller, and you'll be able to do the whole shebang on about four-ish pins. All peripherals controlled by one central MCU? You'll be doing a lot of bit banging. Do you have the time to make the smart display and the keypad (both hardware and software!) you need, or learn the ins and outs of an off-the-shelf one you can buy? Does the 22[13]1 have the resources to drive these things -- can you stuff all your display strings as well as your application logic in 2K, are there enough pins to hang your chosen devices off of, is the 1MHz DCO enough to generate all the clocks you need or will you have to sacrifice two pins for an external xtal or maybe even that will not be adequate (don't know a thing about the needs of your radio), ...?


Do you have enough previous experience with other MCUs to reliably work out the peculiarities of the '430 in two weeks? On a cursory look, you will need the better part of clocks/timers/interrupts/USI gang, all of them having their own set of pitfalls to get familiar with -- even if you don't even come close to using low power modes, which have their own set of can of worms.


In short, project doable? Certainly. In 2-3 weeks? That depends on many things, but I'm with THH in having reservations. I would choose something I'm already familiar with if the outcome of this project was of any importance.


That said, best of luck to you, and again joining THH to say that do fire away any specific questions you'll have -- the fine folks here are indeed rather helpful :clap:.

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