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I'd like to ask you guys to suggest hosting providers. The Forum and Blog traffic are getting higher and higher each month. The site is currently on a shared hosting package from Lunarpages. I now get support tickets every other day of the site's CPU load being higher than normal.

When I talked to them. they pointed me to a VPS package. The Linux package is $23/month. Not too expensive, but it helps if it gets cheaper. Being a member with them for 6 years doesn't help.


Anyway, suggest:






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I am not sure about CPU limits because I've never hit them, but I've been hosting a few sites on 1and1.com for about 12 years (since they started) with great service. They have several inexpensive Linux/Windows packages with unlimited bandwidth.


Disclaimer: That link has my affiliate code in it, but I wouldn't recommend something unless I were sure it is a good deal. ;)

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bluehash, we might be able to strike up a price that works for you and helps supplement our cost VM cost.. nothing too serious. jump on IRC sometime and give me a holler bud.


I retract that,


1and1 seems like a better option, Rickta59 filled me in on them in IRC, He says he's had their service for a while

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