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The FlipBoard

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Here is a crazy idea I had - looking for feedback.


This is a small development board that can use up to three Launchpad Boosters concurrently.


It has nine 1 x 10 pin headers. Two are on the bottom, and carry the same signals as two on the top.

A 1 x 6 pin header is used for program/debug and power.

(click images to make scroll bars go away)



The "Flying Solo" single booster configuration. The headers surrounding the booster board allow access to I/O lines not used by the booster.



The "Flip Board" configuration. One booster is on top of the dev board (green) and the other in on the bottom (blue).



The "Trifecta" configuration. An extender board is used to allow for a third booster. It may be possible to use some boosters without the extender.



The "Two Boards at Once" configuration. Trifecta without a bottom.


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That is a great idea.

I actually wanted to make a dev board that can carry 2 boosters based on 5529 or something. But making a board for the 5529 might be beyond my skill level now.


Your idea is very interesting with many configurations, If you don't mind, here is my rough idea and suggestion.


2 standard booster slots, should be enough since we can still stack the boards with long stackers.

Some pins or the rest of the pins broken out into non standard double or triple row headers.




1 standard booster slot + 1 Arduino compatible slot. (haha, don't flame me)

Some pins or the rest of the pins broken out into non standard double or triple row headers.




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It would be the same general pinout.


The LP has power, reset, test, P1 and P2 on the 20 pins.


The Flip Board would have...


Top Board: power, reset, test, P3 and P4

Bottom Board: power, reset, P1 and P2

Side Board: power, reset, P5 and P8


XT1 and XT2 do not share any pins with any boards, so both LF and HF crystals could be used without sacrifice of any GPIO.

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