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MSP430F5310 based Application Enhancer

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I have designed a small breakout board using the MSP430F5310.

This is one of the General purpose controllers from TI.


Here is the project hosting on Github:



The Schematics:



Picture of the Board



Here is the Product Page for MSP430F5310



This microcontroller can be programmed using the MSP430 Launchpad.



Now this board has been prototyped and programmed using the TI Launchpad.


Next thing would be to make it as a Booster-Pack for the TI Launchpad. :idea:

I would like to invite your comments and feedback on this design.

Hope to seek you help in making this MSP430F5310 Application enhancer happen.. :thumbup:

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Another good news!


Boot loader on the MSP430F5310 is working with FT232.

No special configuration is required for the FT232. :)


The Source code for the MSP430 BSL Scripter available in Appnote: slau319a


However TI's BSL_Scripter needs modification to make it work with normal FT232.

For now the I have stripped out the DFU functionality for MSP430F55XX series from TI's code.

The new code can be compiled using MinGW.

And hence should also be possible to compile on Linux platform with gcc4.4 or higher.

Also TI's code does not include the exit from boot loader mode.

You need to cycle the power to get out of BSL

So I have included this feature into the new code.


Here is what is working now with my new code:

1. Boot loading to Flash code to MSP430F5310

2. Exit & Entry into the boot loader - automatic

3. Code modification to work with any FT232 module.


I am trying to ask TI for permissions to release this new code.

If not possible then I would port the code to MinGW +Qt framework to make it open source.


The main intention was to help make the MSP430F5310 boot loadable like Arduino.


Well there is a long way to go for that as there are no IDE as easy as ArduinoIDE

but hope that some day code compilation can be as easy as Arduino.


With help from EasyMSP & MSPGCC this can surely be achieved.


Let me know your suggestion and views on this.

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