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10-pin Stacking Header Source

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This is NOT an endorsement, since I have not dealt with this company at all, but I just saw that http://www.launchpadshields.com/ has 10-pin stackable headers for pretty cheap.


The site is terrible, and they're opening with just this one product, but shipping is free in the US and the price is pretty good. They evidently plan to sell custom shields for the LaunchPad. The first shield they have planned is just a custom-sized protoboard. They should have licensed JoesBytes' design; at least add some functionality. (Joe: Maybe contact them and work a deal?)


I hope they make it; I'd like to see some cool shields. I'm not sure the "LaunchPadShields.com" or "LaunchPad Electronics" names will survive trademark scrutiny. All in all, a weak start at a business, so they may not last long.


TLDR: 10-pin headers we've all been looking for at reasonable prices. May not last long.



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I ordered these headers, and they shipped fast! The whole endeavor took less then a week. They seem to be ok quality wise.


I ordered them to build a launchpad project for my father. He is a mechanical engineer, and when I told him about the initial Launchpad offer he seemed un-interested. I told him that he could potentially use the launchpad to make a "new" scoring device for his Pine Wood Derby track, but he said that a $200 plc controller would be better. I just made him a simple led array for valentine's day, but at least he will then have a Launchpad and the "seed" will be placed. I just needed to have a receptacle on the bottom of the launchpad so it will be visible on the finished stripboard project. These headers will leave male pins available for other projects without soldering.


I wonder who their supplier is because DigiKey, and Jameco do not have them, or at least I cannot find them on the search engine........

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